Life Insurance Conversion

Base life insurance provided to you by GVSU can be continued. However, the conversion rates are based on an individual policy. The individual rates are substantially higher than these portability rates for the optional supplemental life insurance coverage.

A faculty or staff member may apply for a conversion policy if they terminate employment prior to age 65. 

Portable coverage will terminate on the occurrence of the earliest of the following:

  • The date for which the last premiums has been paid.
  • The expiration of 10 years following the date portable coverage commences.
  • The date the member attains age 65.
  • The date the portable group insurance policy terminates.

Upon termination of employment, retirement, or loss of eligibility, faculty and staff will have the option to continue supplemental life insurance at the monthly portability rates issued by Lincoln Financial Group. 

Page last modified October 23, 2020