Exercise Release Time for Faculty and Staff

Workday Code for Exercise Release Time (ERT)

To enter Exercise Release Time in Workday, use the code Exercise Release. Tracking Exercise Release Time allows GVSU to assess usage of health initiatives.

Review the Enter Exercise Release Time (Job Aid) to learn how to use the Exercise Release code in Workday.


Q: I want to participate in a spinning class over the noon hour, so what does this mean when using the Exercise Release Time Policy?
A: It means you can use up to an additional 30 minutes after the spinning program ends to continue stretching and cool down, freshen up, and return to work. The same would be true for an exercise class right before work. Remember that you need to review and have this approved by your supervisor.

Q: Is this a new policy?
A: This policy is not a new policy, but a restatement of a prior one regarding fitness classes.

Q: I work on the downtown campus. Does this policy apply to classes offered at the YMCA or other nearby clubs?
A: Yes. This applies to scheduled classes offered off the GVSU campus.

Q: If I miss a week of release time, can I make up the time during a following week?
A: No. Exercise release time cannot be accumulated or traded in day to day or week to week.

Q: How do I request exercise release time?
First Step:

  • Notify your supervisor and obtain approval for exercise release time.
  • Request to use exercise release time should be in writing unless verbal request is accepted by the supervisor. An optional form is provided in the policy.

Upon Approval:

  • Supervisor and staff member continue to communicate and review staff use of the policy monthly. Changes are made if necessary. 

Optional Written Agreement Template

(To be maintained by supervisor or staff member)

Staff Name:
Supervisor Name:
Department Exercise Release Day(s) and Time(s):
Start Date:
End Date:

Supervisor and staff review regularly and renew the agreement form as needed. This form is subject to possible adjustment based on workload and needs of the department.


Staff Signature

Supervisor or Unit Head Signature:

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