Eligible dependents

Eligibility and Enrollment

An Eligible Dependent  for medical and dental purposes is a spouse, household member and any children who are less than age twenty-six (26), or until age 27 if the child is currently a full-time student in an accredited school.  Your cost will depend upon the plan you select and the coverage you choose. Physically or mentally handicapped children may be covered regardless of their age. The term "children" includes your natural children, adopted children, or children placed for adoption, stepchildren, or children for whom you are the legal guardian and who live with you. 

A newborn child, adopted, or child placed for adoption will be covered if enrolled within the thirty (30) day period following birth, adoption, or adoption placement. 
If coverage for a dependent (including newborns, adopted children, or children placed for adoption) is applied for more than thirty (30) days following the date that dependent becomes eligible for coverage, the dependent may only be able to enroll during the open enrollment/election period. 

An eligible Household Member, at the time of proposed enrollment, resides in the same residence as the faculty/staff member and has done so for the previous 18 continuous months, other than as a tenant.  A Household Member is not a “dependent” of the employee as defined by the IRS.

The following individuals are not eligible to be listed as a Household Member:
• Children of faculty/staff and their descendants (children, grandchildren)
• Parents of faculty/staff
• Parents’ other descendants (siblings, nieces, nephews)
• Grandparents and their descendants (aunts, uncles, cousins)
• Renters, boarders, tenants

Page last modified October 23, 2020