About the International House

Welcome to the International House!

The International Housing is a living/learning program in Laker Village for undergraduate students majoring or minoring in International Relations, Political Science, International Business, or Modern Languages and international students studying at Grand Valley. The purpose of the International house is to provide a supportive residential environment for students who have a strong interest in international affairs. Out-of-class programming will focus on common interests with an emphasis on international relations. Additional support for the students will include in-residence faculty advising, career planning, study skills support, and social activities based on an international theme (students in the Honors Program may also apply).

International House - Living Learning Community

Why Live in the International House?

¡Hola! Jambo! Hallo! Ciao! Salut! Ni Hao! 

Grand Valley’s International House is an academic learning and living community for approximately 75 residents. Most of the students are Americans who share an interest in global studies, languages, and cultures. Many of the students are majors in International Relations, International Business, or Modern Languages, but we also have students studying everything from Anthropology to Engineering. A smaller number of the residents are international students spending a semester, year, or four years at GVSU. 

Living in the International House is a great way to learn more about opportunities to make the most of your time at GVSU. We provide a range of social, cultural, and academic events to provide a supportive learning environment for all students.  Activities planned for the academic year include a number of festivals and gatherings to bring the community together.  We will also have programs to help you learn more about study abroad, internships, graduate school, and careers.  Research shows that students who are engaged in their university community are more likely to persist and complete their college degree, thus the International House is a great launching pad for your academic success.  Faculty from the Modern Languages Department hold office hours and review sessions on site, and they are available to answer your advising questions. Modern Languages faculty also host “language circles” in Spanish, French, and German, where students practice the language they are learning in a fun and relaxing environment, and the International House staff host "language exchanges", where anyone can come learn, teach, or practice any language. Some language clubs meet at the International House, like the German club. During their meetings, they practice the language and learn more about the culture.  

The International House is an excellent opportunity to live within an international community without leaving GVSU! 

For more information about language clubs and activities at GVSU, check the Modern Languages Department

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