Current Residents - WISE


Blackboard Site

Announcements for our monthly programs and events are available through the WISE Blackboard site.  If you are currently a resident of WISE but not a member of our Blackboard site, please send an  e-mail to Dr. VandenPlas to request access!


Your WISE faculty fellows will be holding weekly office hours in the lobby of WISE throughout the semester.  The specific faculty hours are posted in the lobby of the building, and are also available online through our Blackboard site.  The faculty fellows can answer content questions in their areas of expertise if you need help with a particular class, but are also available to answer questions about college or life in general.

Leadership Opportunities

Want to be a resident assistant in the WISE community? Please visit the Housing RA site for more information about the RA selection process.

More information will be posted in the Winter semester about the WISE Peer Mentor selection. Visit one of your faculty fellows for more information!

Page last modified October 8, 2019