Why Progressive? Why Conservative? The Debate

April 15, 2013 – Is common ground possible in our polarized political and cultural environment?
Part of the Common Ground Initiative

Panelists: Michael DeWilde, Barbara Elliott, Winston Elliott, Ted McAllister, Paul Murphy, Noreen Myers

Watch this robust exploration of what it means to be a progressive and what it means to be a conservative. Our goal was not to get bogged down in policy wrangling over the issue de jour. Our panelists were interested in the cultural, historic, philosophical, and perhaps religious elements that help explain their commitment to their tradition. The focus and format provided an opportunity for the vivid articulation of first principles and the fruitful exchange of definitions, redefinitions, reasons, and justifications for the panelists believing the way they do.

This event extended the exploration of the theme of bipartisan cooperation in a democratic culture, which we started to explore with Richard Norton Smith, H. W. Brands, Kiron Skinner, Hank Meijer, and Gleaves Whitney during the NEH-funded town hall, America’s Senator: The Unexpected Odyssey of Arthur Vandenberg on November 14, 2012.


Watch the panel here.

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