The Wheelhouse Talks

The Wheelhouse Talks are for thinking leaders and leading thinkers. We host mentors who are eager to share their leadership philosophy and experience with students and the community. Our free and accessible forums evoke personal stories of challenges met and overcome. Throughout the series, shared leadership values — integrity, energy, community, and vision — are center stage. The Wheelhouse Talks are a signature program of the Peter C. Cook Leadership Academy, which has become a center of leadership excellence in the Midwest.

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Previous Wheelhouse Talks

Dr. Eva Feldman: Wheelhouse Talk

With over 400 peer-reviewed articles, 50 plus book chapters, and continued funding from the National Institutes of Health for more than 30 years, Dr. Eva Feldman is more than an accomplished leader in the healthcare industry. In her own words, she serves as a bridge between basic science in the lab and clinical science with patients, focusing on those with neuromuscular diseases. Dr. Feldman joined our Cook Leadership Academy fellow candidates and community members to discuss balancing clinical work while leading a research team, sharing lessons in leadership gained through a trailblazing medical career.

CLA Alumni Panel 2020: Wheelhouse Talk

In times of crisis and uncertainty, not unlike those seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders from all backgrounds step up to lead their communities. With Millennials firmly the largest generation in the labor force, it is their time to weather the economic damage of the virus and guide our nation through a period of rapid economic change. With graduates across the globe, the Peter C. Cook Leadership Academy provides the foundation for these emerging leaders. Join our new cohort of fellow candidates for the first Wheelhouse Talk of the academic year, as we welcome back four distinguished CLA alumni to our stage. In a conversation moderated by CLA Fellow Candidate, Alex Agbabian, a panel of alumni — Josh Lunger, Jon Cook, Nicole Horne, and Claudia Pohlen — will share their personal and professional lessons in life and leadership with our fellow candidates and the community.