The Wheelhouse Talks

Learn from and interact with accomplished local leaders through our Wheelhouse Talks speaker series. The Wheelhouse Talks are for thinking leaders and leading thinkers. We host mentors who are eager to share their leadership philosophy and experience with students and the community. Our free and accessible forums evoke personal stories of challenges met and overcome. Throughout the series, shared leadership values — integrity, energy, community, and vision — are center stage. The Wheelhouse Talks are a signature program of the Peter C. Cook Leadership Academy, which has become a center of leadership excellence in the Midwest.

Wayman Britt: CLA Graduation Wheelhouse Talk

Wheelhouse talk

Graci Harkema: Authentic Leadership from Within

Wheelhouse Talk

Tasha Blackmon: Championing a Community of Care

Tasha Blackmon: Championing a Community of Care

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