Religion and the Presidency

November 18-19, 2004

Religion, morals and values matter at home and they matter in politics. Twenty-two percent of Americans cited values as the primary reason they voted the way they did on November 2 — not the sluggish economy or the war in Iraq, but values.

Thursday, November 18

12 p.m. Registration
12:30 p.m. Introductory Remarks
Gleaves Whitney, director, Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies
William D’Antonio (Catholic University), on the 2004 Election
1 p.m.- Panel 1, “The Early Presidents,” with panelists:
Gary Scott Smith (Grove City College) on Washington
Thomas Buckley, SJ (Jesuit School of Theology-Berkeley) on Jefferson
Philip Munoz (NC State University) on Madison
Lucas Morel (Washington and Lee University) on Lincoln
Moderator: John Pinheiro (Aquinas College)
3 p.m.- Panel 2, “The Modern Presidency I,” with panelists:
Elizabeth Spalding (Claremont-McKenna College) on Truman
Jack Holl (Kansas State University) on Eisenhower
Thomas J. Carty (Springfield College) on Kennedy
Moderator: Mark J. Rozell (George Mason University)
8 p.m. — Keynote Address by Dr. Paul Kengor at the Gerald R. Ford Museum Auditorium

Friday, November 19

8 a.m. – Panel 3, “The Modern Presidency II,” with panelists:
Jeff Walz (Concordia University) on Carter
Paul Kengor (Grove City College) on Reagan
James Penning (Calvin College) on Clinton
Moderator: Douglas Montagna (Grand Valley State University)
10 a.m. – Panel 4, “The George W. Bush Presidency,” with panelists:
Barbara Elliott (Center for American Renewal) on faith-based initiatives
Clyde Wilcox, Carin Larson (Georgetown University) on Religion & the Bush Presidency
Kevin R. den Dulk (Grand Valley State University) on Evangelicals and US Foreign Policy
Amy Black (Wheaton College), Doug Koopman (Calvin College), and David Ryden (Hope College) on faith-based initiatives
Moderator: Fred Beuttler (University of Illinois – Chicago)
11:30 a.m. – Lunch with H. L. Mencken — Presentation by historian and actor John Chalberg
12:30 p.m. – Panel 5, “Religion and the 2004 Election,” with panelists:
John K. White, William D’Antonio (Catholic University) on the Catholic Vote
John Green (University of Akron), Corwin Smidt (Calvin College) on the Evangelical Vote
Mark J. Rozell (George Mason University) on Bush and the Christian Right
Moderator: Kedron Bardwell (Grand Valley State University)

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