Progressive/Conservative Summit 2018

Friday, April 13-14, 2018

At a moment of deep uncertainty for the Republican and Democratic parties alike, Americans of all political stripes have an opportunity to escape their echo chambers and pursue meaningful interaction across philosophical and political difference. In partnership with the Kate and Richard Wolters Foundation, the Progressive Women’s Alliance of West Michigan, and the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal, the Hauenstein Center is proud to host the 2018 Progressive/Conservative Summit. The summit assembled national thought leaders from the left and the right for important conversations about the past, present, and future of American civic life.

1:16:29 Why Liberalism Failed Lumen Christi Institute 2.4K views   1:00:49 Out of Many, One: Really? (Amitai Etzioni and Mark Lilla) Amitai Etzioni 269 views   1:22:17 David Frum - Surviving The Trumpocracy Washington Watch Recommended for you New   1:22:41 "The Conquest of Community" - Dr. Patrick Deneen Oglethorpe University 177 views   1:06:32 Our Political Parties And Political Dogmas-What Is Changing, And Why? HooverInstitution 3K views   1:10:56 Windrush Generation: The scandal that shook Britain explained and debated Channel 4 News Recommended for you New  Universal Basic Income Debate featuring Jared Bernstein and Charles Murray Adam Smith Society 6.7K views  The Four Horseman - Hitchens, Dawkins, Dennet, Harris [2007] CaNANDian Recommended for you  Patrick Deneen, "How Became A Christian Scholar" - Furman Tocqueville Lecture Paige Blankenship 1.4K views  Patrick J. Deneen: The End of Liberalism? Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture 5.2K views  Spiked Magazine Panel - "Identity Politics: The New Racialism on Campus?" Learn Liberty 27K views  Dr Yosef Ben Jochannan ~ Black Man Wake Up!!! MrTruth Seeker Recommended for you  Spiked Magazine Panel - "Is Political Correctness Why Trump Won? Learn Liberty 92K views  Panel: The Tyranny of Identity Politics Claremont Institute 2.9K views  Mark Lilla, " The Once And Future Liberal" (with Sean Iling) Politics and Prose 5.1K views  Reaffirming University Values: "After Identity Liberalism" with Mark Lilla and faculty discussants Brown University 2.8K views  Christopher Hitchens' epic opening statement (Must see) playinhard Recommended for you  A Panel at the Hoover Institution, with Mark Lilla and Henry Olsen David Frum 3.3K views  George Galloway Senate Testimony (FULL) MrOrientaloccidental Recommended for you  Mark Lilla: The Once and Future Liberal: After Identity Politics Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs 5K views  Mark Lilla: After Identity Liberalism


Mark Lilla: After Identity Liberalism

Angela Dillard


Angela Dillard: Civil Rights Conservatism

Susan J. McWilliams


Susan J. McWilliams: Civic Confusion on Campus

Eric Miller

Eric Miller: Haven in a Heartless World: Christopher Lasch’s Democratic Hope

Molly Worthen: Teaching Critical Empathy in a Post-Truth, Pro-Feelings Age

Molly Worthen: Teaching Critical Empathy in a Post-Truth, Pro-Feelings Age

Andrew Hartman

Andrew Hartman: The Culture Wars, Revisited

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