“The Hauenstein Center is a jewel in the crown of Michigan. Gleaves Whitney and his energetic team at the Hauenstein Center have become, in a remarkably short time, a force to reckon with – and learn from – in the presidential leadership field.  With imagination to match their scholarship, they are making the nation’s highest office accessible to countless web users, and to a large and lucky audience exposed in person to the premier historians, biographers, and – on occasion – controversialists of our time.  Their programs are lively, intensely topical, and, in the best sense, intellectually provocative.  What a thoughtful way to web history and headlines.  What a marvelous legacy for Ralph Hauenstein, who has spent a lifetime leading by example.”

~Richard Norton Smith 
Patriarch: George Washington and the New American Nation;and Who’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb?


“I value every opportunity to speak in connection with the Hauenstein Center.  Gleaves Whitney is a real treasure for those of us who do presidential studies and that work in the field of presidential history.  He’s also one of the most effective entrepreneurs in the business of higher education.  You can tell this by the growth in the Hauenstein Center over the years that he’s been the director…. In a remarkably brief time, the Hauenstein Center has become one of the leading institutions for research and education on the American presidency.  Its facilities, speaker series, and website are absolutely first-rate.  It has something for every student of the presidency, from the dedicated scholar to the concerned citizen. The Hauenstein Center has really put Grand Valley on the map beyond Michigan.”

~H. W. Brands 
Andrew Jackson: His Life and Times; and The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin


“I am pleased with the extremely successful partnership between the Ford Presidential Library and Museum, the Ford Foundation, and the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies. The Hauenstein Center is making its mark with creative programs that help Americans see beyond the headlines. I’m delighted with the work Gleaves Whitney and his dedicated staff are doing to increase our understanding of courageous, effective leadership. It is especially rewarding to work with a presidential leadership center so closely associated with my good friend, Ralph Hauenstein, who is an inspiring example of a life well lived.”

~Gerald R. Ford 
38th President of the United States


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