Lincoln & Douglas: The Debates That Defined America

Lincoln & Douglas: The Debates That Defined America

September 26, 2008


On September 26, 2008, the Hauenstein Center hosted a talk by Professor Allen Guelzo on his recent book: “Lincoln and Douglas: The Debates That Defined America.”

Professor Allen Guelzo teaches history — with special emphasis on the American Civil War — at Gettysburg College. He holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. in history from the University of Pennsylvania, an M.Div. from Philadelphia Theological Seminary, and an honorary doctorate in history from Lincoln College in Illinois. He has won numerous teaching awards.

Professor Guelzo is one of the greatest minds working today on the life and presidency of Abraham Lincoln. In 2000, his book, “Abraham Lincoln: Redeemer President,” won both the Lincoln Prize and the Abraham Lincoln Institute Prize. In 2005, his book, “Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation: The End of Slavery in America,” won both prizes again, making him the first double Lincoln Laureate in the history of both prizes. His work, “Lincoln and Douglas: The Debates that Defined America,” was released to great acclaim in February 2008.

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