Julie Metty Bennett: Leadership and the Environment

Julie Metty Bennett

January 20, 2017


Julie is a principal and senior vice president for Public Sector Consultants (PSC), one of Michigan’s most respected public policy research and program management firms. Her love for well-conceived public policy starts with a love for the environment. Twenty years of research in this arena, coupled with her shrewd sense of what is practical and possible, have made Julie an expert on both state and national levels.

Responsible for PSC’s energy and environment practice, Julie’s leadership and collegial management style has produced tangible solutions for some of the state’s most vexing problems. Leading groundbreaking research on electric reliability and capacity, creating and managing multimillion-dollar nonprofits, and facilitating the governor’s 21st Century Infrastructure Commission—Julie’s influence on issues that affect people’s lives and their natural resources is profound. Additionally, she spends a significant portion of her time leading the firm and developing a diverse staff to realize the company’s vision.

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