Jim Keane: Designing Leadership

In collaboration with GVSU’s Design Thinking Academy, Jim Keane will present his leadership experiences and perspective through the lens of design thinking. After 17 years in multiple leadership roles at Steelcase, Jim was appointed President and CEO in March 2014. Since then, he has led the 105-year old Grand Rapids based company, which is currently a $3 billion multi-national organization with more than half of its 11,500 employees based outside of West Michigan. In his role, he has shepherded Steelcase’s evolution from a manufacturer to a partner that creates furniture, architecture, technology, and experiences. Jim also serves on the boards of the Economic Club of Grand Rapids and IDEO – one of the world’s top practitioners of design thinking – and is a director of the Grand Valley University Foundation. He earned a Bachelor of Accountancy from the University of Illinois and a Master of Management from Northwestern University.

Watch the lecture here.

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