Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Fourth Annual Midwestern History Conference 

As globalization continues to transform politics, economics, and culture, historical scholarship focuses on continents, borderlands, and transnational networks. While invigorating, this trend risks understating the importance of region, so pronounced in recent American politics. What about the freshwater oceans that surround Michigan? The interior borderlands that still shape American cultural geography in the twenty-first century? What about the importance of the Midwest to the world as a whole over the centuries? Hosted for the fourth consecutive year by the Hauenstein Center in collaboration with the Midwestern History Association, this conference assembled scholars dedicated to sparking – and sustaining – a revival of Midwestern studies in American scholarship.


Joe William Trotter Jr: The Urban Midwest from the American Revolution to the Post-industrial Age.

Writing on the Midwest: Bonnie Jo Campbell Phil Christman Melissa Fraterrigo Meghan O’Gieblyn.

Jefferson Cowie: “Blue-Collar Nationalism in an Age of Decline: The Search for Citizenship.