Andrew Kaufman: Give War and Peace a Chance

Andrew Kaufman

March 12, 2015

Considered by many critics the greatest novel ever written, Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace is also one of the most feared. And at 1,500 pages, it’s no wonder why. War and Peace is many things. It is a love story, a family saga, a war novel. But at its core it’s a novel about human beings attempting to create meaningful lives for themselves in a country torn apart by war, social change, political intrigue, and spiritual confusion. The novel is, above all, a mirror of all times, even ours.

In this American Conversations keynote, internationally renowned Tolstoy expert Andrew Kaufman guided us through Give War and Peace A Chance: Tolstoyan Wisdom for Troubled Times, his critically acclaimed companion to Tolstoy’s mammoth novel. Kaufman took his audience on a journey through War and Peace that reframed their very understanding of what it means to live through troubled times and survive them. Touching on a broad range of topics, from courage to romance, success to idealism, Kaufman demonstrated how Tolstoy’s wisdom applies to the social and political discord of our own times, and how reading Tolstoy can help us live fuller, more meaningful lives. The ideal companion to War and Peace, Kaufman’s lecture was enjoyable to those who have never read a word of Tolstoy, making that masterpiece more approachable, relevant, and fun.

For more information about Andrew Kaufman’s scholarship, explore the links provided below.–one-book-at-a-time/2014/12/19/1e158c22-8616-11e4-a702-fa31ff4ae98e_story.html

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