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Alcohol Poisoning

An alcohol poisoning is a medical emergency that is a very serious concern of the police department.  The first symptom of an alcohol overdose is usually nausea, followed by vomiting. These symptoms are messages from your body that you consumed more alcohol than your body can metabolize.  The following are other signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning:

• Absent reflexes
• No response to being shaken or pinched
• Difficulty or can’t  awaken the person
• Seizures
• Having a rapid pulse rate
• Slow, shallow, or irregular breathing
• Blue-tinged skin or pale skin
• Unconsciousness (passing out)


If you encounter someone who is alcohol poisoned, call 911 immediately.

*Important* Passing out does not mean "sleeping it off". Blood alcohol content (BAC) can increase even after you stop drinking and/or fall asleep, and alcohol poisoning is still possible.

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