Virus Action Team update: Allendale random testing location moving to Kirkhof Center, flu shots encouraged

A syringe.
Image Credit: Kendra Stanley-Mills

The number of positive COVID-19 test results within the university community continues to decline. The last couple of days shows three people testing positive. Active cases now stand at 63. The GVSU data dashboard is updated each weekday.

Students studying and living in Allendale remain under the “Staying Safe” order through October 16, 2020, and while this order applies to students, all faculty and staff are encouraged to wear a face covering at all times outdoors while on campus.

The recent ruling by the Michigan Supreme Court regarding the governor's executive orders has raised some questions. GVSU has instituted policies about face coverings, events and social distancing that will remain in effect until further notice. Please refer to the Lakers Together website for current campus information.

Testing Locations

The Allendale random testing location is moving out of the Fieldhouse. Beginning Monday, October 12, the GVSU COVID-19 testing program will be in the Thornapple Room in the Kirkhof Center. Additional information will be included in the email sent to those invited to test. Free parking for students arriving to test is available in Lot H2.

There will be no changes in the testing location at the Pew Grand Rapids Campus. The location will remain at DEV 105E.

If you receive an invitation to take a test, the message will explain how you were chosen.

For individuals who are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19, an appointment for testing is required. You can make an appointment for a test at the following locations:

  • Campus Health Center in Allendale at (616) 252-6030
  • GVSU Family Health Center in Grand Rapids at (616) 331-9830
  • Spectrum Health COVID Symptomatic and Asymptomatic with Exposure Clinic at The Commons, located between Fresh Food Company and Manitou Hall in the Mackinac Hall courtyard at (833) 734-0020
  • Or, log into your MyChart account

Is it the Flu or COVID-19?

The viruses that cause COVID-19 and the flu spread in similar ways, and because COVID-19 and the flu have similar symptoms, it can be hard to diagnose which condition you have based on symptoms alone. You can also have both diseases at the same time. To combat the flu, GVSU is holding its annual flu vaccination clinics

Health professionals advise getting the flu shot for these reasons:

  •  Flu shots have been shown to reduce the risk of flu illness, hospitalization and death.
  • Getting a flu shot can reduce your sick days.
  • Getting a flu shot can also save health care resources for the care of patients with COVID-19.
  • Getting vaccinated yourself may also protect people around you, including those who are more vulnerable to serious flu illness.
  • You will not get the flu from the flu shot. A common misconception is that you can contract the flu from a vaccine, but that is not possible because the shot uses a deadened form of the virus.
  • The sooner you get the flu shot, the better. Flu season usually starts sometime in October and can last until May, so it is important to get vaccinated early.

iPhone showing NOVID app.
Image Credit: Valerie Wojciechowski

NOVID – the new tool for tracing

The university has begun using a digital tool to help track COVID-19 and help prevent its spread. NOVID can accurately and anonymously measure how far away other NOVID users are, as well as how long users have interacted. Once a user reports a positive case, using the app with a token generated by the university, notifications are sent to their NOVID network, without displaying any personally identifying information. The university only receives aggregate and non-identifiable information.

To join the GVSU community on NOVID, download the app at or in your app store and under “Settings” enter “GVSU” as the community.

Students enrolled this Fall semester and who join Grand Valley’s NOVID community are eligible to be entered into a drawing to be awarded one of four $500 grants. For details on this and more information on the app, visit:

Questions and Concerns

The GVSU COVID call center (616) 331-4636 remains in operation weekdays from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and weekends from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. 

Personal health concerns should be directed to the GVSU/Spectrum Health 24-hour call center (833) 734-0020.