NOVID Exposure Notification App

Grand Valley State University is encouraging faculty, staff and students to voluntarily download NOVID, a smartphone app that is uniquely designed to help track the spread of COVID-19. NOVID is an exposure notification app designed to anonymously notify users if they have been in close proximity to individuals who have a confirmed positive COVID-19 test. It also gives users a heads-up when someone in their user network, with up to 12 degrees of separation, has tested positive for the coronavirus. The app is another tool Grand Valley is using to help track the coronavirus before it spreads.


To join the GVSU community on NOVID, download from the NOVID site or in your app store and under “Settings” enter “GVSU” as the community.

Participation Incentive Drawing

Students enrolled in Fall 2020 and who join Grand Valley's NOVID effort are eligible to be entered into a drawing to be awarded one of four (4) $500 grants. To enter, you must enter information and upload a screenshot of the NOVID application on your phone to the NOVID App Participation form. To be eligible, you must download and install the application, input "GVSU" as a community under the settings function, and share a screenshot of the application at the form by October 31, 2020. Your submission is not connected to the NOVID app so you remain anonymous. Individuals who participated in the NOVID pilot are eligible for this drawing. If you already have the app, please download or update the latest version and share another screenshot at the formIf you have questions or trouble completing the form, please email

NOVID app overview


NOVID the only solution that can warn you before you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 with pre-exposure notifications. Using ultrasonic technology, NOVID is the first and only app demonstratively able to measure distance with the precision required for contact tracing. NOVID was founded by internationally renowned mathematician, Carnegie Mellon Professor, social entrepreneur, and national Math Olympiad coach, Po-Shen Loh. In February 2020, Loh was featured in the New York Times for his groundbreaking work on a simpler way to solve quadratic equations. Loh’s experience in mathematics, computer science, programming, and network theory helped him develop this technology, along with his top-notch team of designers, mathematicians, computer scientists, physicists, and more. See for more information.

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