2024-2025 Executive Board



Lauren King

Hi! My name is Lauren King and I am in the Master’s of Higher Education, College Student Affairs Leadership program. I am the GA for Alcohol & Other Drugs where I facilitate substance education, supervise peer educators, and create educational and entertaining events. I am also a member of the Inclusion & Equity Student Engagement Cohort that is creating the 2030 I&E Strategic Plan and Framework.

I love getting involved with different organizations on campus. Through close friends I have made in my program, I have been involved regularly with the African Student Council. I mainly make sure there’s no extra jollof rice after events but, have also created a custom banner and help connect new students to a familiar community.  I will also be working alongside several close friends to plan the Pride Prom this semester.

During undergrad, I was a transfer student three times, moving all across the country. I was a student-athlete and worked several jobs to support myself. Having experienced abusive coaching and benefitting from several privileges, I am an advocate at my core. Maintaining multiple responsibilities fostered incredible time management skills and allowed me to masterfully balance and blend several roles at once.

Vice President

Vice President

Silvester Mbugua

I'm from Kenya and currently pursuing my Masters in Cybersecurity, driven by a passion to create a robust and inclusive Graduate Student Association. My international background offers a fresh perspective and a deep understanding of the importance of collaboration across diverse communities. My cybersecurity expertise aligns with the need for heightened awareness and protection within the GSA. As your Vice President, I pledge to prioritize open communication, advocate for student initiatives that promote well-being and academic success, and work tirelessly to bolster a sense of belonging for all graduate students. It's time for a GSA that is responsive, proactive, and truly reflects the vibrant community we are!

Communications Officer

Communications Officer

Mae Zurita

With a strong foundation in marketing and extensive experience across digital and traditional media, I am well-prepared for the Communications Officer role on the board. My career has been dedicated to developing and executing effective communication strategies, ensuring messages not only reach diverse audiences but also resonate deeply. I excel in translating complex information into clear, impactful narratives and have a proven track record in social media management, enhancing brand presence and engagement. My leadership experience has sharpened my strategic planning and crisis communication skills, enabling me to address challenges effectively. Recognized for promoting inclusive communication practices, I am committed to advancing the organization's mission by implementing a communications strategy that informs, empowers, and unites.

Thank you,


Administrative Officer


Mitchell Gingras

I am a passionate water and environmental law activist. Pursuing a master’s degree in Water Resource Policy at Grand Valley State University, his academic focus is on water issues in sustainability and conservation, and he is deeply committed to making a positive impact on the water environment. Despite his busy schedule as a graduate student, Mitchell is actively involved in raising awareness about environmental issues. He contributes regularly to the classrooms where he discusses the water policies and the climate changes that will impact our basic needs of water. After graduating from East Lansing High School, he earned his double-bachelor’s degrees from the University of Arizona. He also played lacrosse for the Wildcats and participated in the club team’s e-board. Locally, he organizes and participates in beach clean-up events along Lake Michigan, working to reduce plastic pollution in the waterways. He is also a passionate catamaran sail racer competing locally in the Great Lakes. Mitchell’s ultimate goal is to inspire his fellow graduate classmates to succeed in the classroom, so we can succeed together in this ever-changing world. He believes that by working together, we can become leaders in creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Finance Officer

Finance Officer

Albert Okwei

Hello, fellow students!

 I am honored to serve as the Finance Officer within our esteemed Graduate Students Association. I am an international student from Ghana, in the Master's of Public Administration degree program. Currently, I serve as a Graduate Assistant for the Seidman College of Business Dean’s Office, where I have the privilege of supporting an array of research projects. My commitment to servant leadership is deeply rooted in my college experience, where I have served in various roles and capacities. I believe in leading by example and am dedicated to ensuring that our association’s finances are managed with the utmost integrity and transparency.

I am eager to apply my skills and experiences to serve you all.

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