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Jasmine Mancuso Studies Ways to Protect Lakes

November 11, 2019

Jasmine Mancuso Studies Ways to Protect Lakes

Jasmine Mancuso is a second-year student pursuing her Master of Science in Biology degree with an emphasis in Aquatic Science. She is a graduate assistant for the Annis Water Resources Institute in addition to her involvement in the Biology Graduate Student Association. Jasmine is also completing research studying which environmental factors foster cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms in Muskegon Lake, Michigan. This is a Great Lakes area of concern and has always been a passion of Jasmine’s. It is central to her hometown since she grew up along the shores of Lake Michigan and nearby Muskegon Lake. This gives her research drive and purpose and has created an opportunity for her to study and learn how to better protect freshwater ecosystems for the future. So far, she has learned that temperature highly correlates with chlorophyll concentration, thus increasing algal growth. She hopes to gain an understanding as to what nutrients, physical factors, and environmental characteristics are fueling the harmful algal blooms in Muskegon Lake and learn ways to improve water quality. Good job Jasmine for all of the hard work and dedication to learn how to restore our lakes!

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