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Higher Education Graduate Finds Great Success

May 05, 2017

Higher Education Graduate Finds Great Success

Theresa Lyon, a graduate of the Higher Education graduate program at GVSU, was awarded the Outstanding Thesis Dean’s Citation Award in the Fall 2016 semester. Her thesis titled, “Undocumented Latino College Students and Identity Development: A Qualitative Analysis of Undocumented Latino College Students’ Movement Towards Development Purpose”  was selected to represent Grand Valley in the Social Sciences Category as the nominee for the MAGS Distinguished Thesis Award. Her research highlighted the need for revisiting dated college student development theories as the higher education landscape becomes more diverse.

Theresa was also selected by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) as a GVSU graduate alumni 2016 NACADA Student Research Award Winner. She was honored at the Awards Ceremony and Reception being held at the annual NACADA Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in the Fall of 2016 as part of the 2016 Annual Awards Program for Academic Advising.

Theresa has had a variety of positions and experience in her field, all of which have led her to where she is today. She worked with the Kolodzik Business Scholars at the University of Cincinnati, a program that develops valued professionals with depth in their desired specialization. The program emphasizes flexibility, empowerment, and professional experiences. Theresa said, “As a grad student, I didn’t picture myself working with high achieving students or honor students, but I learned through my program to take advantage of every opportunity and challenge myself – I’m so glad I did, I get to work with a wonderful group of students.”

She was also an intern with Regina McClinton in the area of intercultural teaching and learning and once taught a study abroad class in Montreal for honors freshman. Currently, she is an Academic Advisor in the Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati. She aspires to eventually apply for a doctoral program in the area of higher education administration and policies.

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