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Presentations, Professional Engagement, & GVSU Pride

March 24, 2020

Presentations, Professional Engagement, & GVSU Pride

Kristi Ruvina, a Master of Health Sciences student at GVSU, had the opportunity to present his research at a national conference held in Austin, Texas called the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology 2020 Conference. His topic centered around finding the chemical composition of the substances that relay the chemosignals in crayfish. Kristi stated that this experience was very beneficial for his academic career. He enjoys meeting specialists in the same field as him that conduct similar research. He takes pride in being able to represent GVSU through presenting his findings.

Kristi Ruvina is currently a student adjunct instructor with the BMS department. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences and Biochemistry. He worked in various tutoring centers, mainly the Chemistry Success Center and the Science Success Center during his undergraduate years. He then became a TA for BMS 550 (histology lab) for several semesters and is currently teaching BMS 202 lab. During sophomore year, he joined the crayfish neuroscience lab to investigate various chemicals that modulate aggression in different species of crustacean and has continued researching with this lab since. His effort in breaking ground in the field of crustaceans lead to winning the Student Summer Scholar and Presidential Grant award. He has presented many posters at nationwide conferences, including his recent trip to Austin, Texas. In his free time he likes outdoor activities such as camping and fishing Michigan tributaries for trout. He remains involved in giving back to the community through volunteering at Kids Food Basket.

Kristi’s advice for other graduate students is to participate in every opportunity to engage with professionals in their areas of interest. It is amazing what you can learn from them!

Great job, Kristi, on all of your student success. GVSU is proud to call you a Laker!

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