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NASA's Michigan Space Grant Consortium Fellowship Opportunities

October 10, 2017

NASA's Michigan Space Grant Consortium Fellowship Opportunities

Grand Valley State University is an affiliate member of NASA’s Michigan Space Grant Consortium (MSGC), and a participant in fellowship and grant funding opportunities competitively offered through the consortium.  GVSU is one of 11 academic affiliate MSGC institutions in Michigan and undergraduate and graduate students may seek fellowships to carry out research projects through MSGC under the mentorship of GVSU faculty. 

For over 2 decades, GVSU faculty and students have built a solid record of obtaining MSGC fellowships and grants enriching the scholarship and education experience of both GVSU students and faculty.  Last year, approximately $55,000 was brought in and provided fellowships for 5 undergraduate students and 2 graduate students (Dana Wessels, a Master of Biology student, and Katie Knapp, a Master of Biology student studying at AWRI), seed grant for 2 faculty members and K-12 science training and outreach program grant for 3 others.  

This opportunity can benefit students seeking research and educational opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Aerospace, Space or Earth System Science. MSGC will even fund proposals in disciplines that may appear to be outside of the bounds such as Communications, Psychology, Medicine and Movement Science that can impact science education and exploration of Earth and space.

Fellowship awards for undergraduate and graduate students are $2,500 and $5,000, respectively.  Each fellowship student must work closely with a faculty mentor and will be paid a stipend over a ten-week summer period.

For more information or if you are interested in this opportunity, please visit the MSCG website at

To discuss a proposal/application, contact Dr. Bopi Biddanda at or 616-331-3978.  Dr. Biddanda can discuss ideas and issues concerning submission of a proposal, and can guide students to other sources for assistance at GVSU such as mentor-student relations for fellowship applications, securing match for seed and program awards, and finally routing of all proposals through GVSU’s Office of Sponsored Programs. Students should submit an intention to apply to Dr. Biddanda by October 27 th.  Proposals must route on Cayuse for internal GVSU approval by November 17th, and be complete and ready to submit by December 1.  The Deadline for applications is December 4 th, 2017. 


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