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Graduate Students Receive Prestigious Fellowship Awards

March 10, 2017

Graduate Students Receive Prestigious Fellowship Awards

The Graduate School would like to recognize and congratulate two graduate students for receiving 2017-2018 Michigan Space Grant Consortium fellowships. The National Space Grant Program is a cooperation of programs among universities, the aerospace industry, and Federal, state and local governments that encourages interdisciplinary training, research, and public service programs related to aerospace. The grant program was created in 1988 and has grown to 820 affiliates covering all 50 states.

Katie Knapp, a student studying Biology and working at the Annis Water Resources Institute, and Dana Wessels, a biology student, has each been offered $5,000 in funding for their work. Katie received this fellowship for her project Variable Carbon Cycling in a Great Lakes Estuary, advised by Dr. Bopi Biddanda, Professor of Water Resources. Dana Wessels received the fellowship for her project Saving Streams in the Neotropical Cloud Forest, advised by Dr. Eric Snyder, Professor of Biology. Other GVSU students and faculty also received program grants, seed grants, and undergraduate fellowships that totaled $50,000. Congratulations to all students and faculty who received these competitive grants.

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