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An Education Professor and Three Graduate Students Publish Article in the Michigan Reading Journal

April 06, 2020

An Education Professor and Three Graduate Students Publish Article in the Michigan Reading Journal

Erica Hamilton, an Associate Professor in the Literacy and Technology Unit in the College of Education, has co-authored a peer-reviewed article with three graduate students (Annie Hammill, Ashley Mosley, & Whitney Moore) that was published in the Michigan Reading Journal in the Fall 2019 issue. Erica, Annie, Ashley, and Whitney co-presented a session titled “Focused on Student Learning: Teacher-Led Labs as Professional Development”. This presentation came out of work these graduate students learned about and practiced in EDR 685, a graduate practicum course that Erica taught in the Fall 2018 semester.  Based on feedback from this presentation, they decided to co-author an article highlighting how teachers can use the learning lab model to improve instruction as well as support K-12 students’ learning.

This is excellent example of the collaborative success between a professor and students. It was a great opportunity for Erica to support graduate students in their professional development as well as demonstrate clear ways their learning is intersecting with the field. Additionally, the article is written for teachers and administrators – a terrific opportunity for current teachers to share present research and their learning with peers. Erica stated that she loved the process of mentoring the graduate students and helping them understand how to engage in professional work and dissemination.

Erica taught High School English for 11 years before pursuing her Ph.D. and this is her 6th year at GVSU. She teaches a secondary content area literacy course for preservice teachers as well as graduate courses in the Literacy Studies program. Her research interests are focused on teacher learning and professional development, place-based education, literacy, and educational technology. Annie Hammill teachers at Kentwood Public Schools; Ashley Mosley teaches at Cedar Springs Public Schools, and Whitney Moore teaches at East Grand Rapids Public Schools.

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