Brookside Elementary

Brookside 2021-2022

Project Description

We are working to create a more outdoor-friendly learning area at Brookside. We recently had an outdoor classroom installed on our school property. Now we have adopted two community garden plots from the Kroc Center. We will use this new garden space for students to connect to the environment and learn more about our local natural resources. It also is helping us teach students about growing their own food and making healthy eating choices.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship

Already students are learning the benefits to our environment that composting and growing our own foods can provide. They are trying new, healthy foods and recognizing how different something fresh from the garden can taste. On our walks to the garden we have had discussions about litter, wild animals and even poison ivy! Through those conversations students are starting to understand the power of nature and our responsibility to honor and keep it.  Students are learning the value of hardwork by hauling our equipment to and from the garden as well as the work we do digging, planting and watering each day we are there. Their confidence in themselves is growing each trip. The garden space provides a new way to connect with Brookside parents and the greater Garfield Park community. This space will need care even during non-school months and parents and other community members are stepping in to help with this care.

The Kroc Center, Grow Wise Learning, Parent Action Leaders

Erin Fettig, K/1, ELA/Science


The Wege Foundation

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