Greek Life Board

The Greek Life Board is a representative body of all Fraternities and Sororities at Grand Valley State University. It serves as a way to unify the Greek system through campus programming, and a venue to come together once a month as leaders to discuss issues facing the Fraternity and Sorority community.

Greek Life Board has many responsibilities, including fundraising and planning for the annual Greek Week, hosting community service and philanthropy events, and sending out newsletters updating the local and campus community about what the Fraternity and Sorority Life community is working on.

When GLB first formed, they came together with a mission statement and set of values that all Fraternity men and Sorority women at Grand Valley strive to uphold. Please click on the "Mission and Values" section of the website to learn more about the commitments that GLB is making at GVSU.

Fraternity and Sorority Life Values:

As a Fraternity and Sorority Community we:

  • - will develop and maintain a scholastic program for our members that will enhance and encourage their academic success;
  • - recognize the importance of serving our community;
  • - will foster brotherhood and sisterhood between all Fraternity/Sorority organizations;
  • - will educate and promote healthy lifestyles;
  • - will respect the dignity of people while embracing the free exchange of ideas and beliefs;
  • - will be responsible for our actions and recognize their implications in the Fraternity/Sorority and campus community;
  • - will encourage leadership development and promote leadership opportunities for our members.
Greek Life Mission Statement

'To promote character and leadership development, academic achievement, diverse community involvement, and life long bonds through principles encompassed in our rituals.'

Fraternity & Sorority Life is a part of the Office of Student Life, which is a department of the Division of Student Affairs of Grand Valley State University.

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