GVSU Panhellenic Council


Welcome Lakers,

We are so excited that you are interested in learning more about our awesome Greek and more specifically, Panhellenic community here at Grand Valley!

Our GVSU Panhellenic Council is home to 10 out of the 26 sororities that make up the National Panhellenic Council (NPC). The 10 chapters are each unique in their own way. Despite their differences, each of our organizations were similarly founded and are maintained in values of sisterhood, philanthropy, academic achievement, community, and leadership. Even more inspiring than the chapters themselves are my approximately 1,000 Panhellenic sisters that comprise them. We are continually pushing each other to achieve in the areas of those values I listed above.

Joining the Panhellenic community has given me far more opportunities and blessings than I could have ever imagined. Of course, I have gained lifelong friends and memories, but other than that the leadership opportunities, networking, and connections are unlike anything any other student organization could offer you. It is my greatest honor to serve this community for the 2021 calendar year. Watching it grow and thrive is incredibly rewarding for me as a Panhellenic woman and leader.

If you are even considering becoming a part of our inspiring community, please reach out to us to learn more! It is my hope that we will continue to add unique, genuine woman to this community this coming academic year and that we can give you the experience of a lifetime in return.

Anchor Up,
Mady Stevens
2021 Panhellenic President

On behalf of all of the Panhellenic women, we are thrilled that you are taking this step to learn more about our community by visiting this page! 

Going to college is a big transition and some find it hard to find their place in this new environment. Building connections and getting involved in organizations makes your college experience so much more than just getting a degree! However for many, finding these things can be difficult and at Grand Valley there are so many options!

Greek life is special in the fact that joining one of our organizations means becoming a part of the sisterhood. Sisterhood is strange if you haven’t experienced it but, to us it is the trait that all of our chapters value most! There is a difference between having friends to help you through your four years and sisterhood where you form friendships that last a lifetime!

By surrounding yourself with a community that is devoted to empowerment, helping each other through hard times, and becoming the best version of ourselves together, friends turn into family. Being a sorority woman, you find numerous women with like minded values and a place where you can always be your true self this is the foundation that makes Grand Valley feel like home.

All of our Panhellenic sisters have gained so many amazing experiences and memories in the areas of academics, service, leadership, friendship, and personal growth. Through recruitment, we hope to offer you all of these same opportunities to leave your mark, turn Grand Valley into your new home and to leave here with unbreakable friendships and unforgettable memories!

Go Greek,

Megan Titus 
Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment


List of Panhellenic Association Sororities

Alpha Omicron Pi - Lambda eta Chapter

The object of Alpha Omicron Pi Women's Fraternity shall be to encourage a spirit of Fraternity and love among its members; to stand at all times for character, dignity, scholarship, and college loyalty; to strive for and support the best interest of the colleges and universities in which chapters are installed, and in no way to disregard, injure, or sacrifice those interests for the sake of prestige or advancement of the Fraternity or any of its chapters. We are inspired and committed to our founding principles and are guided by the following values: trusting and respecting each other, building lifelong friendships, contributing time, talent and financial resources, promoting integrity, developing leaders, striving for excellence, encouraging innovation and creativity, using teamwork and collaboration, acting philanthropically, and being a living example.

Founded Nationally: January 2nd, 1897

Founded at GVSU: May 6th, 1989

Alpha Sigma Alpha - Zeta Tau Chapter

The purpose of Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority is to foster close friendships between members and to develop women of poise and purpose. The vision of Alpha Sigma Alpha is to cultivate values and ideals in women who are known for their character and concern for others. Alpha Sigma Alpha inspires women to lead, to serve and most of all to make a difference. Alpha Sigma Alpha promotes high ideals and standards for its members throughout their lives by emphasizing balance among our four aims of intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development. Alpha Sigma Alpha provides opportunities through: Sisterhood forming strong bonds of unconditional friendship based on common values and experiences; Heritage expressed through creed, ritual and history; and Leadership and Service enhanced by chapter, campus and community involvement.

Founded Nationally: November 15th, 1901

Founded at GVSU: March 27th, 1999

Alpha Sigma Tau - Gamma Xi Chapter

Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority is committed to developing scholars, philanthropists, leaders and sisters among our collegiate and alumnae members. The Sorority strives to have a cooperative relationship with our host colleges and universities as we educate our members on who we are as Alpha Sigma Taus. Alpha Sigma Tau promotes the ethical, cultural, and social development of its members, specifically: to develop the character of each member through a study of ethics so that she will show in all her relationships sincerity, honesty, love and understanding; to help each member enjoy the cultural advantages in life so that she will know how to select those things which are most worthwhile; and to develop in each member the social graces to the extent that she will be able to take her place in life with true dignity and poise.

Founded Nationally: November 4th, 1899

Founded at GVSU: April 13th, 1991

Delta Gamma - Theta Epsilon Chapter

The establishment of Theta Epsilon chapter included events led by Ali Bontrager and Sarah Gornik, Collegiate Development Consultants assigned to support the chapter. “Infoviews” between potential members, Fraternity staff and volunteers, and a preference event with sisters from Beta Mu-Bowling Green were held in October 2018. The establishment events culminated in October 2018 with the pledging of the charter members of Theta Epsilon-Grand Valley State and a Bid Day celebration. Theta Epsilon and its 58 charter members join the sisterhood of over 230,000 living members with their December 1st Initiation and Installation. Theta Epsilon celebrates becoming Delta Gamma’s 203rd chapter since 1873, and the 151st active chapter of Delta Gamma on college campuses today.

Founded Nationally: March 15th, 1874 

Founded at GVSU: December 1st, 2018

Delta Zeta - Xi Psi Chapter

The purpose of Delta Zeta Sorority shall be to unite its members in the bonds of sincere and lasting friendship, to stimulate one another in the pursuit of knowledge, to promote the moral and social culture of its members, and to develop plans for guidance and unity in action; objects worthy of the highest aim and purpose of associated effort. The purpose of this sorority shall be advanced through the National Convention, the National Council, and the college and alumnae chapters. We share a common purpose: to make life fuller, more meaningful, more rewarding.

Founded Nationally: October 24th, 1902

Founded at GVSU: October 14th, 1989

Gamma Phi Beta - Eta Delta Chapter

The mission of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority is to inspire the highest type of womanhood. Our vision is to build women of character who celebrate sisterhood and make a difference in the world around us. We promote lifelong commitment, intellectual and personal growth and service to humanity. We perpetuate our heritage as we commit to the growth of our Sorority. We foster enduring friendships. We advocate ethical behavior, respect, authenticity, accountability, and integrity. We aspire to excellence in all that we do.

Founded Nationally: November 11th, 1874

Founded at GVSU: December 4th, 2010

Phi Mu - Rho Eta Chapter

Phi Mu Women's Fraternity is a women's organization that provides personal and academic development, service to others, commitment to excellence and lifelong friendship through a shared tradition. Phi Mu promotes vibrant living, encouraging members to achieve their personal best. Phi Mu Fraternity is a vibrant values-based women's organization. Our purpose is found in the principles of love, honor, and truth.

Founded Nationally: January 4th, 1852 

Founded at GVSU: December 6th, 2008

Phi Sigma Sigma - Iota Iota Chapter

The mission of Phi Sigma Sigma Women's Fraternity is to inspire the personal development of each sister and perpetuate the advancement of womanhood. Our vision is to be a dynamic sisterhood of powerful women fostering uncompromising principles, igniting positive change and embracing individuality. We are a dynamic, principled, passionately committed group of women from around the world who define ourselves not by our distinct differences, but by what we have in common.

Founded Nationally: November 26th, 1913 

Founded at GVSU: April 14th, 2007

Sigma Kappa - Kappa Beta Chapter

The purpose of Sigma Kappa Sorority is to provide women lifelong opportunities and support for social, intellectual, and spiritual development by bringing women together to positively impact our communities. Our values are personal growth, friendship, service, and loyalty; bound by a promise.

Founded Nationally: November 9th, 1874 

Founded at GVSU: January 27th, 1996 

Sigma Sigma Sigma - Epsilon Gamma Chapter

The purpose of Sigma Sigma Sigma is to establish among its members a perpetual bond of friendship, to develop in them strong womanly character, and to impress upon them high standards of conduct.

Founded Nationally: April 20th, 1898

Founded at GVSU: April 14th, 1984

Fraternity & Sorority Life is a part of the Office of Student Life, which is a department of the Division of Student Affairs of Grand Valley State University.