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Welcome Fellow Lakers!

Congratulations on taking your first step in learning more and exploring Grand Valley’s amazing Greek Life Community. We are so happy to share with you about the amazing aspects of the National Pan-Hellenic Council!

GVSU’s National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) is home to 7 of the 9 historically Black Greek Lettered Organizations (BGLO), commonly referred to as the ‘Divine 9’. Although every organization has specific targets of philanthropies, all of the organizations in NPHC have an overall goal to maintain sisterhood/brotherhood, scholarship, and service while creating more opportunities for the Black community.

To embrace our differences and strengthen our commonalities the NPHC serves as an overarching umbrella of these organizations. Though small in number on Grand Valley’s campus, the work that we’ve done in our organizations have been mighty from hosting open discussions about racial injustices, events on how to be a better professional, and creating scholarships for potential Lakers.

Having the opportunity to become a member of the NPHC has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my collegiate career. From gaining life-long sisters in my own chapter, to getting to serve the Grand Valley Community in ways I didn’t think I had the ability will stick with me forever.

I have cultivated leadership skills throughout my varying roles in Greek Life and have had the ability to build relationships with members of other organizations to network and build a more equitable environment for the Grand Valley Community. Being a member of a Greek organization takes compassion and work that ultimately come with so many rewards. I’m so proud to be able to serve in this capacity and am looking forward to seeing you all!

I encourage you all to reach out to the organizations of NPHC to learn more about them. We’d love to see you all at our events and hope you stay safe!

Your Laker for a Lifetime,

Maya Sanders
2021 National Pan-Hellenic President

Active NPHC Fraternities And Sororities

Alpha Phi Alpha - Iota Epsilon Chapter

Since 1974, the Iota Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity has worked to uplift the Grand Valley community through social, civic, and educational action. Iota Epsilon has served as one of the most powerful forces in GVSU Greek life. The chapter's participation in our nationally mandated programs such as "Go to High School, Go to College", "A Voteless People is A Hopeless People", and "Project Alpha" has helped with the development of the Grand Rapids community.

National Founders Day: December 4th, 1906 

Chartered at Grand Valley: December 4th, 1974

Alpha Kappa Alpha - Nu Theta Chapter

The Nu Theta chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. was chartered April 19th of 1980 at a regional conference in Akron, Ohio. The purpose of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated is to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unity and friendship among college women, to study and help alleviate problems concerning girls and women in order to improve their social stature to maintain a progressive interest in college life, and to be of service to all mankind.

National Founders Day: January 15th, 1908 

Chartered at Grand Valley: April 19th, 1980

Delta Sigma Theta - Lambda Pi Chapter

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. is a private, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to provide assistance and support through established programs in local communities throughout the world. Since its founding, more than 200,000 women have joined the organization. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is a sisterhood of predominantly Black, college-educated women. 

National Founders Day: January 13th, 1913 

Chartered at Grand Valley: June 18th, 1974

Phi Beta Sigma - Nu Gamma Chapter

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity was founded at Howard University in Washington, D.C., January 9, 1914, by three young African-American male students. For over three decades the Nu Gamma Chapter at Grand Valley has been striving to uphold the principals of Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Service and will continue to do so on into the future. Currently, there are two active brothers on campus, and every day they strive to take Sigma to the next level. I send thanks to my brothers for continuing a tradition of excellence. GOMAB!

National Founders Day: January 9th, 1914 

Chartered at Grand Valley: April 24th, 1981

Sigma Gamma Rho - Sultry Xi Nu

Sigma Gamma Rho was founded nationally at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 12, 1922. Our Sultry Xi Nu chapter was chartered at Grand Valley State University on February 4, 1996. Since then, our chapter has upheld their principles and values of sisterhood and scholarship service while working with their national philanthropies of Operation BigBookBag, Women's Wellness Initiative, Swim 1922, Project Cradle Care and the Annual Youth Symposium. Our chapter's mission is to enhance the quality of life for women and their families, both in the U.S. and globally through community service. Our goal is to achieve greater progress in the areas of education, healthcare and the leadership development. 


National Founder's Day: November 12th, 1922 

Chartered at Grand Valley: February 4th, 1996 

Fraternity & Sorority Life is a part of the Office of Student Life, which is a department of the Division of Student Affairs of Grand Valley State University.

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