Photo Gallery

Amazon Images: Summer Field Trip Photos (8 Photos)

Photos taken by: Jim Penn

GVSU Geography and Sustainable Planning Department September 2019 (3 Photos)

Landscapes of the Autonomous Region of Northern Nicaragua (7 Photos)

Photos by: Jim Penn

Detroit Field Trip (4 Photos)

Geography and Sustainable Planning students visiting sites in Detroit, MI. 

Photos by: Professor Jim Penn

Geography Honors Society 2019 (7 Photos)

GIS Day with the West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science (7 Photos)

UVSQ International Summer School in Sustainable Mobility (7 Photos)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day with Shawmut Hills School (11 Photos)

GPY 312 Kayaking the Grand River (6 Photos)

GPY 312 Urban and Regional Environmental Planning Class kayaking the Grand River

Detroit UPA Trip (5 Photos)

Detroit Urban Planning Association Trip to Detroit