Faculty and staff sketches

February 8, 2022 (Volume 45, Number 11)

In the News

Robert Franciosi, professor of English and honors, wrote an article, "Being present vs. being a presence," published in Inside Higher Ed.

Chris Hinsch, associate professor of marketing, was interviewed about car insurance prices for an article posted by WalletHub.

Two short films by Julie Goldstein, assistant professor of film and video production, are being featured in the World Cinema Carnival out of Kolkata, India. The films, "Design for Dreaming" and "Ethereal Shift" are being featured in the "Women and Society" and "Moment by Moment" programs.


Faculty and staff members who have given presentations or had their research published are detailed below. The campus community can self-submit a sketch online for future publication. 

Annis Water Resources Institute faculty, staff members and students gave presentations at the Michigan Space Grant Consortium’s fall conference held at Calvin University. 

  • Bopi Biddanda chaired a session, “Out of Solar System Phenomena"
  • Nate Dugener, Ian Stone, Anthony Weinke and Biddanda: "Out of Oxygen: Exploring Bottom Water Hypoxia Dynamics in a Great Lakes Estuary"
  • Alan Steinman and Ellen Foley: "Lake Responses to Elevated Levels of Chloride and Phosphorus"
  • Charlyn Partridge and Maggie Petersen: "Microplastics and Molecular Endpoints in Fathead Minnows"
  • Jonathan Walt and Sean Woznicki: "Mapping the Spread of Invasive Plants in Michigan Wetlands"
  • Stone, Weinke and Biddanda: "Dancing the Night (and day) Away: Extant Mat World Microbes Synchronize Migration to a Diel Tempo"

Sean Woznicki, assistant professor of water resources, received a NASA Land Cover/Land Use Change Program grant, totaling $449,817, for a project, “Water Scarcity in the Serbian Danube: Agricultural Land Use Change and Irrigation." Woznicki will serve as principal investigator with co-investigators from Michigan State University and Michigan Technological University, and collaborators from the USDA Agricultural Research Service and the BioSense Institute at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. 

Heather Van Wormer, associate professor of anthropology and department chair, was appointed to the Grand Rapids Historic Preservation Commission for a three-year term.

Tim Penning, professor of advertising and public relations, was a co-author of an article, "Testing a Model of Drivers and Outcomes of Corporate Communications Team Performance," published in the Public Relations Journal.

Anal Shah, associate professor of film production, wrote an article, "Ethics, Imagination and the Museum of Memories," published in Millennium Film Journal.

Adrienne Wallace, associate professor advertising and public relations, was re-elected to the WMPRSA board of directors and will serve as secretary for the e-board.

Christine Rener, vice provost for instructional development and innovation and director of the Pew FTLC, is a co-author of a book, Midcourse Correction for the College Classroom, published by Stylus Publishing.

Aaron Lowen, professor of economics and chair of finance, and Brandon Youker, associate professor of social work, were co-authors of an article, "What Is the Long-Term, Real-World Value of CBL?: Assessing Impact from the Perspective of Former Students," published in the Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning.

Akalu Tefera, professor of mathematics, was a co-author of an article, "On Proofs of Certain Combinatorial Identities," published in the Journal of Mathematics.  


Faculty & Staff Sketches

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