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March 22, 2022 (Volume 45, Number 14)

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WGVU Public Media PBS/NPR earned honors from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. In this photo, Cheryl Brown Henderson sits in a WGVU studio, ready to give a presentation during Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 20.

Photo Credit: Kendra Stanley-Mills

In the News

WGVU Public Media earns radio station of the year honor
WGVU Public Media PBS/NPR was named Public Radio Station of the Year for the 11th time by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. The recognition was announced March 10. WGVU Public Media received 13 other awards, including three “Best in Category” awards and six Merit awards in recognition of the station’s reporting, use of new media, community involvement, membership appeals and other categories.

Erik Nordman, professor of natural resources management, was interviewed for a podcast by Resources for the Future. Nordman discussed his book, The Uncommon Knowledge of Elinor Ostrom: Essential Lessons for Collective Action.

The Seidman Business Review, a publication of the Seidman College of Business, has published its 2022 issue in a new, electronic format. Gerry Simons, professor of economics, serves as editor. Articles in the 2022 issue by SCB faculty members highlight the year's economic forecast, West Michigan Stock Index, Grand Rapids housing market, and corporate social responsibility. 

Kathryn Remlinger, professor of English, was elected president of the American Dialect Society for a two-year term, and to the board of directors for the Ottawa County Parks Foundation.

Paul Isely, professor of economics and associate dean of Seidman College of Business, was interviewed by multiple media outlets about the impact of Russian sanctions and rising gas prices. Outlets include NPR, Voice of America, MiBiz, WGVU Public Media, WOOD-TV and WZZM-TV.


Faculty and staff members who have given presentations or had their research published are detailed below. The campus community can self-submit a sketch online for future publication. 

Carl Ruetz, professor of water resources, received a $156,304 grant from the Great Lakes Fishery Trust for a project, “Contribution of Resident and Migrant Yellow Perch to Angler Harvest in Drowned River Mouth Lakes.” The project is a collaboration with Purdue University and Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Corey Anton, professor of communication studies, received the Spiritual Communication Division's "Outstanding Book Award" for his book, How Non-being Haunts Being: On Possibilities, Morality and Death Acceptance, presented at the National Communication Association's annual convention. At the convention, he also served as a respondent to a panel sponsored by the Media Ecology Association. 

Danielle DeVasto, assistant professor of writing, wrote a chapter, "Speaking to the Eyes: A Historical Overview of Data Visualization in the Sciences," for a book, The Routledge Handbook of Science Communication.

Peimin Ni, professor of philosophy, wrote an article, "A Journey to the Way of Gongfu: An Intellectual Autobiography," published in the Journal of World Philosophies.

Eric Kunnen, senior director, IT Innovation and Research, contributed to an article, "Learning Spaces: Lessons Learned," published by Higher Ed AV Media through FLEXspace.org.

George McBane, professor of chemistry, wrote an article, "SIR (Susceptible-Infectious-Removed) Model of Epidemiology as an Extended Example for Chemical Kinetics Students," published in the Journal of Chemical Education.

Jeremiah Cataldo, associate professor of history, Honors College, was a panelist for a session, "Studies in Second Temple Judaism: a Global Enterprise," at the Enoch Seminar: International Scholarship on Second Temple Judaism and Christian, Rabbinic, Islamic Origins. 

Jeanine Beasley, professor of occupational science and therapy, was a panelist at the American Association for Hand Surgery's annual meeting and gave a presentation, "First Do No Harm (Do Not Touch With A Knife: Managing Conditions Nonoperatively)."

Adeline Borti, assistant professor of English, wrote an article, "Language Needs of Francophone Students in English as a Second Language Context," published in the Ghana Journal of Linguistics; was a co-author of an article, "Exploring the Discursive Positioning of Members of a Literacy Professional Learning Community," published in Professional Development in Education; and gave three presentations at the Literacy Research Association Conference.

Elena Lioubimtseva, professor of geography and sustainable planning, was the author of an article, "The Role of Inclusion in Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Equitable Adaptation Goals in Small American Municipalities," published in Discover Sustainability; co-author of a chapter, "Local Adaptation Plans for Climate Change: Comparisons and Lessons Learned," for a book, City Preparedness for the Climate Crisis; and co-author of a chapter, "Community Engagement and Equity in Climate Adaptation Planning," for a book, Justice in Climate Action Planning.  


Faculty & Staff Sketches

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