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Teaching Innovation Grants are intended to support faculty in pursuing innovative projects that enhance teaching and learning.  These projects range from cutting-edge, research-based teaching and learning innovations, to innovations that are new to one’s field, to innovations that are new to the individual faculty member (i.e. active learning and engagement, classroom assessment, multi-disciplinary, inquiry-based, online/hybrid, collaborative, etc.). Additional information can be found on the Teaching Innovation Grants website.

Silver Level Criteria

To earn a silver badge, following the award and carrying out of a Teaching Innovation Grant, submit a Grant Final Report via the online grant system within 30 days after the completion of the grant activity or up to 18 months of the application date.

Gold Level Criteria

To earn a gold badge, complete the silver badge and then formally disseminate the results of the Teaching Innovation project, either through an invited campus presentation, conference presentation or publication. No deadline.


Kathryn Stieler

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Issued 2017-Present

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