How do I earn a badge?

All faculty (tenure-track, affiliate, visiting, adjunct) are eligible to participate in our programming and apply to earn a badge. The requirements for every badge are different, but in general there are two fundamental steps, (a) engagement in a professional development activity and (b) submission of evidence of application.

Many badges require submission of a written reflection to the indicated Badge Coordinator. Guidelines and suggestions for reflections can be found here

Unless otherwise specified, the deadline for submission of a badge application is the end of the semester after the badge-worthy activity: either Fall, Spring/Summer, Winter.

The Acclaim badging platform is being used to verify, share, and manage the [email protected] digital badges. Acclaim displays not only the badge icon but provides additional metadata that describes the accomplishment and the criteria that the earner was required to meet. Acclaim makes it easy to share badges with individuals and post to personal websites or social media platforms such as LinkedIn. To reference digital badge accomplishments in Digital Measures, simply copy and paste a link to your badges into the text fields of Digital Measures. 

To reflect the range of faculty professional development programs at Grand Valley, the [email protected] program issues three unique levels of badges:

  • Bronze for basic achievements wherein faculty become familiar with the essentials of a topic and submit a written reflection

  • Silver for development of proficiencies wherein faculty participate in more extensive learning and submit evidence of implementation

  • Gold for more advanced and integrative activities wherein faculty continue to refine implementation, disseminate findings or exhibit campus leadership around a topic.

Badges Offered

Page last modified July 20, 2020