Badges offered by the Pew FTLC

Below is a table detailing each available badge offered by the Pew FTLC.

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Badges Offered by the Pew FTLC

Badge Name Type Years Issued
Winter 2017 FLC FLC 2017
The Mindful Prof: Contemplative Pedagogical Theory and Techniques FLC FLC 2018, 2019
Thanks for the Feedback: Giving and Receiving Feedback from Peers FLC FLC 2017
Teaching Innovation Grant 2017-Present
Strong Start FLC FLC 2017, 2018
STEM Health FLC FLC 2018, 2019
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 2017
Reacting to the Past Pedagogy: Gamification in the High-Impact Classroom FLC FLC 2018
Quality Education Initiative Virtual FLC FLC 2019
Preparing Students for Freelance Careers FLC FLC 2017
Personnel Portfolio Workshop 2017-Present
New Faculty Teaching Institute 2017, 2018
Mentorship Development Group: In Support of the Student Success Network FLC FLC 2018, 2019
Internships: Approaches, Strategies, and Best Practices FLC FLC 2019-Present
Innovations in Distance Learning Initiative 2018
Inclusive Excellence Teaching Institute 2017, 2018, 2020
Inclusive Excellence Next FLC FLC 2018, 2019
History of Inequality in the U.S.: Evidence and Teaching Tools 2018
First-Year-Faculty (FYF) Mentoring Community Mentoring 2017-Present
First Year Learning Community FLC FLC 2018, 2019
Faculty-To-Faculty (F2F) Mentoring Mentoring 2017-Present
English 400 Curriculum Redesign FLC FLC 2017
Embracing Issues that Haunt Us: Problems and Polarities FLC FLC 2017, 2018
Design Thinking FLC FLC 2017, 2018, 2019
Classroom Engagement Through Gameful Thinking FLC FLC 2019

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