eLearning - Blackboard Grade Center + Assignments


This badge represents successfully completing the Blackboard Grade Center + Assignments training. This recognition establishes the ability of the recipient to effectively use the Grade Center to provide timely feedback to students as well as the knowledge needed to manage electronic assignments.


  • Successful completion of seminar and submitted reflection.


End of the semester following the semester in which the badge-worthy activity took place.


Matthew Roberts

Blackboard Grade Center + Assignments Badge

Learning Objectives

  • Organize the Grade Center

  • Add, modify, and remove grade items, change item order, modify display options

  • Create, manage, and grade assignments

  • Retrieve and review grade details by item or by student

  • Enter and modify grades

  • Provide comments to students

  • Upload grades from an excel spreadsheet

  • Customize letter grade scheme

  • Weight grades