Reflection Guidelines


Many badge applications require submission of a written reflection. Guidelines and suggestions to keep in mind:

  • Reflections should be at least 300 words in length. Badge coordinators are looking for substantive consideration of what you learned and how you either plan to or have applied what you learned. 

  • Either email reflections to the appropriate badge coordinator (or complete the appropriate badge request form) before the badge application deadline (typically the end of the semester following the badge-worthy activity).

  • Include the badge name and dates of activity.

  • Links to resources, photos, or other media are welcomed.

  • Sample prompts for reflection:

    • What was the most useful or meaningful thing you learned during this professional development activity?

    • What insight did you have, either during the activity or since you participated?

    • What connections, relationships, or contacts have resulted from your participation?

    • How have you applied what you learned?

    • What did you learn from this activity that will help you continue to grow as a faculty member?

    • What suggestions would you give to other faculty interested in getting the most out of this activity?

    • What goals did you set for yourself in this program? How well did you accomplish them?

    • What one aspect of your involvement in this activity was your best work? Why?  

    • Having completed the activity, what important questions remain uppermost in your mind?

    • What aspect of the topic do you plan to continue to explore on your own? In collaboration with colleagues?

Page last modified December 13, 2017