Energy, Heating & Cooling

Student Sustainability Guide

Are you looking for ways to save energy? Check out GVSU's Student Sustainability Guide for ways that you can make a difference.


As seasons change, so do temperatures! Is your office or classroom too hot or too cold? Contact Us! Remember - you can help out our energy savings by wearing season-appropriate clothing.

Energy Saving Tips

Wasting energy wastes our budget! See below for some great energy savings tips!


  • Turn off your lights! Many offices have plenty of outside light for work!
  • Turn off other lights! If you find an empty room - turn out the lights.


  • Prevent energy loss by keeping exterior doors closed.
  • Wear layers of clothing appropriate for the season.
  • Close your window blinds at night to retain building heat and block out the cold.


Computers & Office Equipment

  • Turn off equipment when you leave i.e. computers, monitors, printers, fax & copiers.
  • Activate energy sleep mode on computers and copiers.
  • Did you know that ink-jets use 95% less energy than laser printers??
  • Use the "print preview" option to find errors before printing (saves paper too!).


  • Unplug appliances - microwaves, coffee pots, etc. Many use energy even when switched off.

Other ways to save

Do you have ideas about ways to save energy at GVSU? Let us know!