Energy, Heating & Cooling

Our heating and cooling team utilizes a wide range of devices and tools ranging from simple thermostats and building pneumatic controls to complex networked Energy Management Systems.


As seasons change, so do temperatures! Is your office or classroom too hot or too cold? Contact Us! Remember - you can help out our energy savings by wearing season-appropriate clothing.

Energy Saving Tips

Wasting energy wastes our budget! See below for some great energy savings tips!


  • Turn off your lights! Many offices have plenty of outside light for work!
  • Turn off other lights! If you find an empty room - turn out the lights.


  • Prevent energy loss by keeping exterior doors closed.
  • Wear layers of clothing appropriate for the season.
  • Close your window blinds at night to retain building heat and block out the cold.


Computers & Office Equipment

  • Turn off equipment when you leave i.e. computers, monitors, printers, fax & copiers.
  • Activate energy sleep mode on computers and copiers.
  • Did you know that ink-jets use 95% less energy than laser printers??
  • Use the "print preview" option to find errors before printing (saves paper too!).


  • Unplug appliances - microwaves, coffee pots, etc. Many use energy even when switched off.

Other ways to save

Do you have ideas about ways to save energy at GVSU? Let us know!

Student Sustainability Guide

Are you looking for ways to save energy? Check out GVSU's Student Sustainability Guide for ways that you can make a difference.

Page last modified June 9, 2022