Facilities Planning Front Desk616-331-3258  

Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning

James Moyer 

Administrative Assistant for Facilities Planning

Pamela May, 616-331-3816

Secretary for Facilities Planning

Pamela Hart, 616-331-2962  

Facilities Planning Project Managers

Karen Ingle616-331-3688

Shannon Sullivan616-331-9075 

Jim Flanders, 616-331-3857  

Brad Newman, 616-331-3306

Jake Mallekoote, 616-331-3817

Justin Petersen, 616-331-3141

Scott Whisler, 616-331-3844

Paul Nederveld, 616-331-3306  

Patricia Beck, 616-331-3706



Bob Brown Retirement


Happy retirement and a big thank you, Bob Brown and Mary Ann Holcomb!

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