Speaking Spanish in Spain


Speaking Spanish in Spain

Experience Information

Employer: Centro Dato
Job Title: Resident Assistant
Major: Health Professions
Received Credit: Yes
Paid: No
Abroad: No

Description of the Organization

Centro Dato is an organization located in Madrid Spain that provides education and residence to people with developmental disabilities. There are 3 categories: people born with a disability, people with a degenerative disease and those who suffered some type of brain damage (accidents).

Description of the Tasks/Projects Completed

I worked with physical therapists, psychiatrists, a nurse to assistant in the daily activities provided within the school and the residential facility. I assisted within the classroom setting, therapy setting as well as the physical therapy sessions in the gym as well as the hydrotherapy in the spa. I assisted in feeding residents who do not have use of their hands as well as bathroom assistance.

Skills/Knowledge Gained Through The Experience

Communication, working with people who have disabilities, knowledge of various equipment used to aid in learning, various techniques used in physical therapy, Spanish language

Favorite Part of the Experience

Communicating and assisting with the residents, getting to know them and building a rapport. All in Spanish.

How the Experience Influenced Future Career Goals

The knowledge I gained in working with people with disabilities is such an asset for my goals of working in healthcare as well as being able to understand and speak Spanish is something that will allow me more opportunities in the field of health. I was able to live and work in a country outside of the United States, I have gained may valuable skills and I have grown so much as a person and a professional.

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