Girl's Freshman Head Soccer Coach


Girl's Freshman Head Soccer Coach

Experience Information

Employer: Wyoming High School
Job Title: Girl's Freshman Head Soccer Coach
Major: Sport Management
Received Credit: Yes
Paid: Yes
Abroad: No

Description of the Organization

I worked as a freshman soccer coach for Wyoming High School.

Description of the Tasks/Projects Completed

I planned, organized, coached and communicated with 18 players, their parents, other coaches, the Athletic Director, and other school board staff in coaching this team.

Skills/Knowledge Gained Through The Experience

I learned that communication is of extreme importance in dealing with a very large number of people.

Favorite Part of the Experience

I enjoyed the freedom and level of responsibility that Wyoming High School provided me.

How the Experience Influenced Future Career Goals

I have learned that leading a large of group of people is tough, but that it can be done if you communicate effectively.

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