Sportsquest Family Center Intern


Sportsquest Family Center Intern

Experience Information

Employer: Sportsquest Family Center
Job Title: Assistant to Facility Manager
Major: Sport Management
Received Credit: Yes
Paid: No
Abroad: No

Description of the Organization

Sportsquest Family Center is a sports facility that includes an indoor baseball and softball field, batting cages, a basketball court, and tennis courts. It is managed by Devin Schaefers. Devin also operates baseball and softball training in the facility. Members use the facility as they please, and there are also events held there.

Description of the Tasks/Projects Completed

Throughout the internship, some of the tasks have included social media, marketing, creating training plans, cleaning and organizing the facility, and event planning and preparation.

Skills/Knowledge Gained Through The Experience

Throughout this experience, I learned how important communication, preparation, and social media are. Social media has had a huge impact on Devin's private lessons for baseball and softball. People would come in for lessons just because they saw the content on social media. I didn't realize how much of an impact that it actually had when it comes to sports training. I learned that it is a great tool for reaching new people and communication.

Favorite Part of the Experience

My favorite part of this internship experience was building relationships with my coworkers. Because there are not many employees, I was able to build strong and close relationships with each of them. This made the internship experience so much more enjoyable. This is also very important as my coworkers are now a part of my network which will definitely help in finding a place to work after graduation.

How the Experience Influenced Future Career Goals

Before starting the internship, I had not thought about managing a training facility. Now, I would love to do it full time. This experience was so amazing because it was something new every day. This is what I am looking for in a career.

Internship Format

Hybrid (some in person and some remote)

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