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Wellness Intern

Major: Biomedical Sciences Through my internship, I was responsible for opening the new Employee Fitness Center. This process included writing policies, ordering equipment, leading department-wide meetings and hiring a new intern for the fitness center. In addition to my main project, we implemented monthly wellness initiatives for employees including National Nutrition Month Expo, Stress Awareness and Earth Awareness Week.

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My Introduction to the Surgical World

Major: Biomedical Sciences As a nurse tech in the surgical center there are a variety of patient care tasks associated with pre-operative and post-operative care. When patients come in for surgery we are responsible for picking the patient up from the waiting room and introducing them to the center and the rest of their day. We take a base set of vitals on the patient, perform the necessary tests such as; blood sugar tests, EKGs, Urine Analysis, and/or pregnancy tests. For hysterectomy and ortho patients, nurse techs scrub the patients down with a CHG disinfectant while. We also assist the nurses in whatever other tasks they need help with pre-operatively and in caring for total care patients. After surgery the patients return and a new set of tasks is assigned to nurse techs. We welcome patients back from their procedure, very often still groggy from anesthesia, and take sets of vitals as the doctor has ordered. We also provide patients with their first chance for food and water in 24 hours. Pain management and communication with the nurses is also a big role of the nurse tech. We also complete bladder scans, blood sugars, urine assessments, discontinuing IVs, and getting patients up to the bathroom. The number one goal throughout the whole center is patient care, so above all you make exceptions for your patients and make sure they are receiving the best care you can possibly give them.

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