MOV 399/499 Independent Study

It is possible to register for either a 300-level independent reading or a 400-level independent study/research class. These experiences can range from 1-3 credits, depending on the scope of the work. Either of these courses could, if taken as a 3-credit class, be used as a direct substitution for either the CIS 231 (Health Fitness Instruction) or the BMS 306/BMS 415 (Clinical Exercise Science) courses.

Independent studies are reserved for advanced work after a student has taken previous coursework in the relevant area of study, to be determined at the discretion of the sponsoring faculty member.

Faculty and student have a discussion to identify topic, reading assignments, and type of work to be produced. Reading material includes books, journal articles and other published scholarly materials, with the assortment of assignments to be determined at the discretion of the instructor. Research such as data collection and analysis may be performed in place of some requirements, determined at your supervisor's discretion.

Independent Study Application Form

Before registering, you must have spoken to an exercise science faculty and obtained their approval to act as your supervisor for that work. It is strongly recommended that you write an independent study plan and email it to your supervisor for their review.

The plan should include the following information:

Student name and G#

Student email address

Course program and number (e.g. MOV 399) with number of credits

Semester work is to take place


Background (including references)

Reading/Research To Be Completed

Assignments To Be Completed

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