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Electromyography to examine muscle activation patterns during training and rehabilitation

Perception of effort and exercise prescription

Caloric cost of physical activities



  • The purpose of this research is understand how the muscles of the core and limbs change in their ability to control instability after 2 weeks of leg squat training using and unstable, water-filled training tub
  • Duration. This will depend on whether you are a control or experimental subject. Control subjects will only complete Day 1 and Day 8, while experimental subjects will complete all days. Day 1 lasts 1.5 hours, the 6 training days last about 20 minutes and post training day lasts 1.5 hours. Total time across the study will be about 5 hours for the experimental subjects and 3 hours for control subjects.
  • Procedures and Activities. Subjects will be selected at random into either a control or experimental group. The Control-no training subjects will be asked to complete Day 1 and 8 of the study, while the experimental-training subjects will complete all 8 days of the study. You will be assessed for muscle activation using electrodes on your skin and body sway using a metal plate that you stand on. You will exercise doing a squat with a 25 pound, water filled training tube. Day 1 will last 1.5 hours, training days 2-7 will last 20minutes each, and day 8 will last 1 hour.


  • The purpose of this research is study different pre-exercise, muscle warmup techniques on muscle activation and power during a vertical jump test.
  • Duration. It is expected that your participation will last across 4 different days of testing, with each day lasting about 1 hour. Total test time will be 4 hours.
  • Procedures and Activities. You will be asked to be fitted with electrodes on the skin above your thighs and calf muscles. You will complete 3 different warm up techniques: foam rolling, vibrating foam rolling and static (hold) stretching. Then you will complete 3 vertical jump tests of both feet.

POTENTIAL FUTURE PROJECT: Caloric cost of ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing (waltz, foxtrot, cha cha, rumba, swing and others) is a popular and low-to-moderate intensity activity that can be performed at almost any age. Research shows that it is the expenditure of calories, and not the intensity of exercise that is vital to reduce risk of mortality due to heart disease and cancer. To date, there is little to no data on the caloric cost of these various popular dances. With the advent of accelerometry, we are able to attach a device to an individual to determine caloric cost for a variety of activities. I would like to study the various dances to determine possible expenditure in  social dance settings.


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