5 Days of Service

Monday, March 20, 2023
11:00 a.m.
Allendale Campus

5 Days of Service


We have just the way to get your helping hands involved in the community. The Office of Student Life is hosting a week long event to highlight non-profit organizations and student service and advocacy organizations that work to make the greater Grand Rapids community a better place. From March 20-24, organizations that are dedicated to bringing the unity to comm(UNITY) are joining us in the Kirkhoff Center lobby! Each day will focus on a different section of community services, ranging from animal care to education. Don't miss this opportunity to get involved! Check out www.gvsu.edu/service/5days for the schedule!

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The Office of Student Life wants you to get involved and become more ! Join any of our hundreds of student organizations, various programming teams, fraternity and sorority life, or participate in civic engagement and leadership opportunities.

How to get involved:
" Read about How to Get Involved and Why You Should Get Involved
" Meet with an Involvement Assistant for advice on how to get involved
" Sign up for our Weekly Newsletter

The Office of Student Life is made up of many parts:
" Registered Student Organizations
" Fraternity & Sorority Life
" Community Service Learning Center
" Programming & Campus Activities Board
" Event Services
" 2020 Information Desk
" Promotions Office

Our Mission:
The GVSU Office of Student Life empowers students to effectively engage with their communities through intentionally designed and inclusive programs, services and environments. Student Life fosters learning, development, wellness, and success for students at Grand Valley State University.

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We, the members of the Grand Valley State University Student Senate, being determined to ensure the conveyance of the student voice to University governing bodies, the administration, and the Board of Trustees in matters of institutional policies; to establish an effective, efficient, responsible, and responsive student government; retain the authority to appoint student representation to University Committees at the request of faculty governance or University administration; to be a body of dedicated, proactive leaders; to represent all students and their diverse, ever-changing needs; do hereby ratify our Constitution.

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Alpha Phi Omega is a national co-ed service fraternity whose three cardinal principles are leadership, friendship, and service; however our main focus is community service. We work with a variety of organizations such as FamilyPromise, John Ball Zoo, The Boy Scouts, Ronald McDonald House, and so much more. By joining APO, you will learn essential leadership qualities, make friends for life, and extend a helping hand to your local community. General assembly meetings are held biweekly on Tuesday at 9:00p.m.

Contact us through our email for more information regarding our fraternity.

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The purpose of the Nonprofit Professionals Graduate Student Organization is to provide networking opportunities for graduate students while collaborating with industry experts to learn about the emerging trends in the nonprofit sector.

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Previously, we were the LYM Campus crew. However, we are now Helping Hands. We are still prideful in our volunteer work, but we wanted to create a club that was open to more people and volunteer opportunities! We strive to give our members lots of options for volunteer hours, and bonding events. We specifically work to help families within the Allendale and Grand Rapids communities. Please reach out if this sounds like the club for you :)

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Our goals are to community-build, advocate, and fundraise for PIH's mission of delivering health care to the worlds poorest places. PIH collaborates with national governments to provide care and strengthen public health systems.

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A group dedicated to promoting the wellbeing of students both physically and mentally. The goal is to teach students techniques to relieve stress through various activities. Each activity will provide a positive experience and a break from the usual routine of school. Activities may include vision boards to break down people's goals for the year. Also, therapy dog visits, a yoga instructor, stress coloring books, make your own stress balls, health expert talks, a healthy snack picnic, and more. overall, we want it to be simple and fun. It is also an opportunity for students to form like-minded connections with people who share a passion for prioritizing their mental health. We intend it to be a truly enjoyable experience as well as an important reminder for students to be attentive towards their mental health during their college years and beyond.

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Grand Valley Club Connect is a student-run organization working with Benjamin's Hope of Holland Michigan. We support and participate in Benjamin's Hope's Club Connect. Club Connect is an event hosted Thursdays at Benjamin's Hope, a home for those living with special needs, and its goal is to bring together general members of the community with those who have physical and mental disabilities. Activities vary, but they can range from Yoga night to Bingo; creating an inviting atmosphere where everyone participates and is included.

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The Campus Cleanup Crew is an organization devoted to cleaning the litter off campus to make a
difference in the environment and ecosystems surrounding Grand Valley. Our focus is to organize
campus cleanup events that remove waste from the Allendale campus's ravines and along the river (in
addition to any other areas in our community that require attention) to ensure an environment free of
debris. Additionally we aspire to educate members of campus about the detrimental effects of pollution through informational posters and during our meetings. We provide our members with the opportunity to volunteer in Campus cleanup events and spread awareness about litter and pollution throughout campus while creating a social space in which environmentally-conscious students can make a difference in the GV community.

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