The Seidman ERP Program Curriculum Options

When considering what route you should take within the ERP Program, it’s important to ask yourself how in depth you want to get. Business and non-business students can simply take a class or two, obtain the SAP® Recognition Award designation, work their way through the MIS emphasis within a degree, or delve into the two week intensive SAP® certification academy.


The Seidman ERP Program Courses

MGT 268: Business Processes and Management Information Systems * Required for MIS Emphasis
This course is designed to give the student an understanding of the importance of information systems in modern companies, the components that make up information system and insight into the integration that good information systems foster in a business organization. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems will also be covered.


ACC 340: Accounting Systems
A study of automated systems of processing data for accounting information. The accounting system is discussed from the perspective of developing and maintaining systems capable of producing information for internal decision-making and external reporting. Hand-on experience may include general ledger, ERP, flowcharting software and other relevant computer technology. Prerequisite: ACC 212, MGT 268.


MGT 351: ERP Systems * Required for MIS Emphasis
This course provides a comprehensive understanding of Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) focusing on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems and the key role they plan in modern organizations. Students will gain an understanding of ERP Systems from both a functional (business process) and implementation perspective using SAP software. Prerequisites: MGT 268.


MGT 371: ERP Systems Analysis and Design * Required for MIS Emphasis
Provides a comprehensive presentation of the concepts, procedures, and tools necessary for analyzing and designing management information systems. Students will develop skills necessary throughout the systems development cycle, e.g. project management, data collection, analysis, design, testing, and documentation. Students will apply course concepts and skills in a team project. Prerequisite: MGT 268.


ACC 416 - Information Systems Auditing
This course covers the theory and practical application of information systems audit and control. Topics include authoritative information technology control frameworks, computer security, continuous auditing, and audit approaches to new and emerging technologies such as electronic commerce, the Internet, client/server networking, and enterprise systems. Prerequisite: Admitted to Seidman College of Business or by permit.


MGT 471: ERP Systems Configuration * Required for MIS Emphasis
Students will learn about business processes in modern organizations, managing change to those processes, and configuring an Enterprise Resource Planning system to implement business process changes. Project Organization skills will be enhanced as students work on cross-functional teams to implement changes. Prerequisite: MGT 351.


MGT 475: Customized ERP Systems Solutions 
Students will learn how to customized Enterprise Resource Planning software using programming languages like ABAP, SAP's proprietary language. Students will learn generalized programming concepts as well as the specifics of programming concepts as well as the specifics of programming with ABAP. Students will explore the difficulties associated with making changes to "off-the-shelf" software. Prerequisite: MGT 351, CIS 160, and CIS 333.


MGT 477: Applied Business Intelligence
This course equips the student with skills for business intelligence and analytics to support managerial decision making. Emphasis will be on the application of tools and techniques to analyze business data and communicate findings to business stakeholders. Students will use SAP and other analytics tools throughout the course. Prerequisites: MGT 268.


MGT 478: Business Intelligence Development
This course gives students will acquire knowledge and skills in developing customized business intelligence systems to support data analytics and decision making in modern businesses. Emphasis will be on the design and implementation of enterprise data warehouses. Students will use SAP and other data analytics tools throughout the course. Prerequisites: MGT 477

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