SAP® Student Recognition Award Path

As a member of the SAP® University Alliances program, The Seidman ERP Program at Grand Valley State University offers the SAP® Student Recognition Award certificate to students who complete a minimum of 3 courses with at least one-third SAP® hands-on content in each course, with a grade of C or better in each.


  • Gain significant experience with the SAP® software as part of your academic degree programs.
  • Understand how technology can enable integrated business processes and strategic thinking.
  • Learn skills that can add immediate value to the marketplace.

Who Should Participate

Current business and non-business students who are looking to find employment in large or small organizations will benefit from the SAP® Student Recognition Award.  Successful competition of this credential does not carry the same significance of the SAP® TERP10 Certification, but it does signify to employers that you have a SAP® skill set that gives you a competitive advantage in the job-market, including unique opportunities in various types and levels of career choices.  Because individuals with SAP® skills are highly sought after, they traditionally receive pay increases that outpace the market.


First Complete:

Then Complete ANY one of the following:


SAP Student Recognition Award Path

More Details

The Seidman ERP Program

The Department of Management
Seidman College of Business
Grand Valley State University

SAP Student Recognition Award Application

To receive this award, please download and complete the application below, then e-mail the submission to:

Robbi Osipoff, ERP Program Coordinator

The Department of Management
Seidman College of Business
Grand Valley State University

** The application may be submitted any semester and must be received two weeks prior to the start of final exams. **


SAP® Recognition Award Application

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