SAP® TS 410 Certification At Grand Valley State University

SAP® TS 410 Certification is one of the unique aspects of The ERP Initiative at Grand Valley State University. This intensive certification training, during GVSU's spring/summer term, is offered at just a handful of universities across North America.  Both business and non-business students passing the SAP® Certification exam will have the advantage of understanding the business processes adopted by companies around the world.  In addition to the knowledge they gain, participants also demonstrate their interest in and aptitude for working with SAP® or other ERP systems.

By the end of the certification process, participants will have a good understanding of the end-to-end business and their integration in SAP S/4 HANA environment.


  • Execute tasks with confidence and skill.
  • Individuals with SAP skills are highly sought after and often receive pay increases that outpace the market.
  • Exclusive access to SAP's®' private website containing important news items, help documents, patches, and other software.
  • Distinguish yourself in the current marketplace by becoming an SAP® Certified Associate.


Who Should Participate

Current business and non-business students who want to pursue a more advanced and technical SAP skill set that gives you an immense competitive advantage in the job market, including unique opportunities in various types and levels of career choices.  Students must also meet the following prerequisites:

In-person attendance is highly recommended. Contact Jaideep Motwani for virtual options if in-person does not fit your schedule.



Only students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate academic program at an SAP® University Alliance institution (Grand Valley is such an institution), are eligible to participate. This is an intense educational experience and it is essential that participants be proficient with business processes and SAP® ERP through MGT 351 (with a B or better).



Total Cost


Enrollment fees for the 2-credit TS-410 course (August 12-23, 2024) plus the certification exam fee, paid directly to SAP University Alliances.

Important Dates



April 26

Register To Be Matched With A Coach

RSVP by Friday, May 3

A faculty coach will be assigned to support and guide you through your certification preparation. They will reach out to you with additional certification preparation materials.

August 12

Class begins.

August 23

Last day of class and certification exam.

Examination fee to be paid to SAP University Alliances. Upon passing the exam, you will become SAP TS410 Certified.

In-person attendance is highly recommended. If needed, contact Jaideep Motwani for virtual availability.

More Details

Jaideep Motwani
Seidman College of Business
Email: [email protected]

The Department of Management
Seidman College of Business
Grand Valley State University

SAP® Certification Students' Perspectives

Connor Cavallaro

Certification Importance From A Student's Perspective

Whether you are an MIS major or not, the SAP Certification Academy will be beneficial not only in the short run but long run as well. This certification provides students an opportunity of a lifetime, putting the pieces together of course work from previous MIS instruction. The 10-day intensive academy was the toughest challenge I’ve faced at Grand Valley, but the most rewarding too. After completing this certification, you will gain a unique skill set, which is highly sought upon by employers. Personally, the academy set me up not only for a credible post-graduate career, but also lasting friendships!

The knowledge gained from Grand Valley State University’s SAP Certification Academy is unsurpassable in comparison to what other prep courses offer. Throughout the 10 days, 800+ pages of material will be broken down into modules to help you process the information better. The instructors are impeccable and support the class to the best of their ability. If I could recommend a few tips they would be to stick to a study group of around 3-5 students and take breaks as needed. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions that you may have leading up to the certification, I am more than willing to provide help in any way that I can.                     

~ Connor Cavallaro, TS410 SAP Certified Associate - 2019

Alex Lee

Certification Preparation From A Student's Perspective

"Going into the academy, I was very nervous about the amount of content and the large number of studying hours I knew was ahead of me. The binder can seem daunting at first, through it is structured in a way that is surprisingly easy to navigate and understand. After the first day, I became very comfortable with the instructor and grew very close with my fellow classmates. The lectures aren’t what you would expect normal lectures to be. They involve lots of group conversations where instructor and students work together to fully understand concepts and adapt to each person’s different learning styles. 

Some of the tips I would give to those preparing for the certification would be to remain focused, prepare ahead of time, and collaborate with your colleagues. In the month prior the exam, I purchased Business Processes : A Bridge to SAP and a Guide to SAP TS410 Certification (a preparatory text which may vary based on the version of the training you are participating in.) This book prepared me for the exam by refreshing me on the foundational concepts before delving deeper while in the academy. Also, working together in small groups was very advantageous for me throughout the process. In a small group setting, I was able to learn from my peers, the things they understood well that day, and teach them the things that I had a good understanding of. Lastly, this academy is only 10 days. It may seem like a long time at first, but it really does fly by. It is important to study hard and stay engaged in the material throughout this time. The effects of becoming SAP certified can have a tremendous impact on your career and your future for years to come, so students should take advantage of this beneficial opportunity through GVSU.”

~ Alex Lee, TS410 SAP Certified Associate - 2019

Valerie Kozak

Certification Experience From A Student's Perspective

Every time a fellow student asks me about Grand Valley’s TS410 certification, I always encourage them to go for it. One of the first hesitations I normally receive from students is about the cost, and I am always quick to reply, “There are scholarships available for it!” Grand Valley ensures its students success within the ERP programs no matter what obstacles are in the way for them. The instructors and the curriculum will enhance your overall business and technical skills. This enhancement of knowledge and skill sets will allow you to leverage this in real world applications. 

This was one of the best decisions I have made throughout my career at Grand Valley. I am currently a SAP student intern helping my peers successfully get through their assignments and help create new courses throughout Grand Valley utilizing SAP. This test has allowed me to better understand the business processes, and navigate students through their assignments with more ease than if I had not taken it. Whenever I have job interviews or speak with employers, they are always thoroughly impressed with this skill set. They always follow up with more questions. I have had many opportunities come forth my way because I have taken the TS410. It is an incredible accomplishment to look back on, and I highly recommend anyone who is considering it to educate themselves and try their best!

~ Valerie Kozak, TS410 SAP Certified Associate - 2019

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