Mentor Teacher Handbooks

This page provide PDF copies of the Mentor Teacher Handbooks and learning module, which Mentor Teachers use during our Teacher Apprenticeship and Student Teacher Internship field experience courses.

If you have questions about the materials, please contact the Teaching and Learning Department at (616) 331-6290.


To view the PDF Mentor Handbooks, you will need to use Adobe Reader (using Adobe Reader prevents tab order errors and other inconveniences present in browser-based PDF readers).

Want to Become a Mentor Teacher?

Do you want to serve as a mentor teacher to a GVSU teacher apprentice or teacher intern? If you are or have questions about teacher education, contact GVSU's Education programs.

Note on Midterm Evaluations

The midterm evaluation form is a Word document included in your Mentor Teacher packet: you should have received this from your student or field coordinator, but the packet is also available in the mentor handbooks. The midterm evaluation narrative should be completed in written form, with a hard copy either:

  • given to your teacher preparation candidate.
  • or given to the field supervisor to bring to the office.
  • or mailed directly to: Teaching and Learning Department, 401 Fulton St. W, 419C Richard M. DeVos Center, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Learning Modules for Mentor Teachers

These modules are designed to be self-paced, independent learning experiences that will guide you through the internship process and help familiarize you with the various requirements of hosting an Intern from GVSU. We hope that you will utilize this important resource. While this training is not required, it will benefit all parties involved. You will receive a certificate of completion after you finish all modules. 

Access the Mentor Teacher Learning Modules


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